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Erin P. wrote:

“Everyone here is super nice and I enjoy coming. Part of me is sad it’s over. It’s a great place to come. They will laugh with you and talk with you like they honestly care. At times they know more about my life than my parents do. LOL. It’s a comfortable environment and I love it here. And most of all, my teeth look wonderful because of them!”

Donya M. wrote:

“First of all, as a mother, I enjoy coming to your office because my kids enjoy coming here. You did my daughter’s braces too and she was made to feel comfortable and rewarded (by prizes and $ for brushing teeth well) during her experience. While I’m having my braces completed, my kids are entertained by the movie room and snacks. They want me to come here even when I don’t have an appointment, so they can enjoy the environment. I appreciated the efficiency, friendliness, and professionalism of the staff!”

Kelly P. wrote:

“What makes you memorable is your staff! The amenities that make children feel comfortable. Of course, the smell of cookies! The atmosphere is always pleasant. I have been familiar with Dr. Hershey since 1989 and I would always recommend her and Dr. Heymann to friends and family.”

Casey wrote:

“Your office is memorable to me because everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. When everyone is smiling, it is hard to forget how beautiful my teeth are. I love how I am treated like everyone’s best friend and everyone knows my name. Thank you so much for making my teeth as straight and beautiful as the people in a magazine!”

Tony B. wrote:

“What makes you memorable is your commitment to quality work and customer service, sometimes at your own expense. I will definitely bring my daughter here when she’s ready for orthodontic work in a few years.”

Lean Y. wrote:

“I feel as if what makes this office most memorable is the atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like a typical dentist office. The kindness and patience shown by the staff and just the general feel helps patients feel more comfortable and at home.”

Zachary V. wrote:

“Every time I came for my appointments, everyone was always smiling and were very kind. The people at the front desk were always very helpful and worked hard to get my appointments scheduled at times that worked for me. Dr. Hershey and Dr. Heymann made my teeth look great!”

Sonja F. wrote:

“Loved the fresh cookies! Staff was always very nice at the front desk and clinical assistants were always friendly and efficient. Seems like the newest technology was always being used and I appreciated knowing that.”

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